Monday, February 16, 2009

Museum Monday: The Building Museum

Watch out, Building Museum, here comes Eloise!  

These are from a few nights ago:
Eloise always gets in the most playful moods right before bed.  She loves dressing up.  She walked around all night with her sun glasses on...we laughed hard!

Eloise stays in character--we need a name for this alter ego of hers--and take a photo with an adoring fan.  Notice she poses by putting her arm around Alex.  We couldn't stop laughing at her.  Hilarious!


24th and Mission Art Walk said...

Elly M
Elly G
E-M Sizzle

Alex said...

Those are hilarious! Haha! em'Huge is my favorite....any one else have any ideas?

SF Larges said...

Lady E
E Wonder (in homage to Stevie)
I like em'Huge too.

Ginny said...

em'SA02 (secret agent). She is definitely a bout
em-invisible. Though em'Huge is good too.