Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Eloise Lately

We've had a winter paradise lately.  DC has practically shut down.  This town never works--among the federal holidays and these snow days recently, everyone's "working from home."  Eloise and I went sledding in our drive way yesterday and had a great time. 

We all know how much Eloise loves to run.  Man, that girl has energy to burn.  Alex has lately been playing the Wii with Eloise with our new Wii Fit from Tim and Maggie.  They just run and run and run in circles.  It's the best activity while I'm making dinner.  On occasion, when it's warm enough outside, I let her loose outside.  We have these little trails between our house and Peggy's.  And while they're small, they must seem huge to her.

Eloise is speaking and understanding so much more.  George has become a new best friend in her life.  She feeds him, dresses him, and calls for him: "George, where are you?"  And, "George, I love you!"  It's really very adorable.


Hawley said...

Emily! How PRECIOUS! I love the picture of Eloise running up the path - it reminds me of "The Secret Garden!" ... and the photo of Eloise, George, and Alex? So adorable it's almost unbearable ;) Or should I say un-monkey-able? Oh man, am I corny... haha

Anyways, very darling. We were so blessed to eat with you three the other night! Thank you so much!

stacyberry said...

I can't believe how old she looks in these beautiful! It must be because she is almost 2. I loved Haley's second year. All the things you were saying reminded me how fun it is to really be able to communicate with each other. Hope you all are enjoying DC. I am still in denial that you won't be in CO when we head there this summer. Let me know if you all are ever in Dallas.

Ginny said...

The picture of Eloise running on the trail reminds me of a photo of Maggie & Brent walking on a trail. The semilarities are amazing. I can't believe how big she is getting.

The pic of Eloise, George and Alex is great...