Saturday, November 1, 2008

Crouching Lamb, Hidden Dragon

We geared all up for Halloween night.  We visited a few neighbors early in the evening and then returned home to wait for the hordes of kids that would pound on our door.  They never came!  Ok, 6 total children appeared at our door, 3 groups.  It was so depressing!  We were bored and have so much extra candy.  Next year our neighbors and I have a new plan: we'll set up a table up the street (since we're at the end of a street) and offer adult food and drink as well as candy.  It'll be much more fun than sitting at home waiting for kids who never come.  Our only consolation is that we had the cutest Lamb on the block.  (Someone thought she was a marshmallow!)

1 comment:

Ginny said...

She is definitely the cutest lamb I have ever seen. Not that I'm biased or anything.