Saturday, September 20, 2008

Home in Maryland

It's been about 2 weeks since I've written last.  A lot has happened! We had a sad but wonderful last service in Vail Sunday September 7.  (To our Vail friends-we miss you!)  We literally got in the car and left from church.  Mike graciously drove Eloise and I to the airport to fly to Dallas.  Alex drove straight to Kansas.  Dallas was a wonderful time for Eloise and me.  My family threw a surprise bday party for me with yummy food and a cake with candles.  Eloise played with her cousins Charlie, Cici, and dog Ricky.  She loved every minute of it.  She also had a photo shoot (she loves the attention of the camera).  The photos are incredible and I'll post some soon.

We all converged on DC in the middle of the next week.  Our house was in pristine condition (thank you All Saints!), unfortunately we didn't receive our belongings until the next Saturday (one week ago).  We camped out, met all our neighbors and explored.  Thank God our truck came on Saturday (we were starting to get nervous seeing that they were a few days late) and Alex started work Sunday.  He preached a great sermon and has been busy at work since.

We're really loved having my mom here.  She's not only unpacked many boxes but has also been Eloise's best friend and babysitter.  She's given us the opportunity to go on several dates and parties while she stayed with Eloise--Thank you so much mom!!  We've also seen some great friends.  We had 3 friends from Vail come to church Sunday and seen some wonderful high school (Elizabeth and Adriana) and college friends.

The biggest news of all, though, is our new TV.  After 4 years of no TV service, we have decided to emerge from our hermit lifestyle and not only get fiber-optic TV service but also a new HD flat screen.  Alex is in Heaven (and so am I)!


Molly said...

You got mom in a picture! You got tv! It's a whole new world!

stacyberry said...

wow emily. what a big couple of weeks. can't wait to hear more about life in dc!