Thursday, April 10, 2008

"You don't have HAIR" --Bob the Tomato

Eloise now has a LOT of hair and she definitely needs her hairbrush (Veggie Tales, anyone?). Here is one of my most current solutions to the craziness--hair clips in the front. They look adorable! but only last for about 20 minutes. This is Eloise's version of before and after photos that you see on TLC television programs and hair dye boxes (just ask Jen and Kathryn about that one--are you reading this blog...)
And yes, as you might have noticed on your nightly weather report, we are still getting dumped on out here. We're in the midst of a storm that should drop about 1 foot. The upside is this--we're going skiing tomorrow! Our last outing of the year (mountain closes Sunday despite the copious amount of snow). Hope everyone else is enjoying some sun right about now...

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