Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Post

Happy Easter!! We had a fun Easter weekend with my sister here. It's been beautiful and sunny. Eloise participated in her first Easter egg hunt on Saturday. She wasn't really in to it because 1) she doesn't like walking in snow 2) she doesn't like falling in snow 3) she didn't understand the point of finding eggs. We had fun seeing some of our friends, though. I wish I got a better family photo at the church today but Eloise was finished with church (crying, tantrums), so I took her to the car so she could sleep. We did make it to brunch with the Keiths and some other friends at the Cascade hotel. It was delicious! (Notice our untraditional Easter flowers from Maui. Joanie sent us her Easter greetings with this exotic and beautiful arrangement.)


Anonymous said...

See please here

Katharine said...

Eloise looks so pretty in her Easter dress and little bow.

And that's hilarious about her not liking the snow.

Lilly has had almost zero exposure to snow, but I have a feeling she would not like it either!

Kierstin said...

Even though we haven't been able to keep in touch so well. It has been quite fun to watch Eloise grow via your blog.

She looks so tall standing in her Easter dress. I do love the picture of her bundled up in the snow looking for eggs.