Thursday, January 24, 2008

Amazing Day

Yesterday was an amazing day! My friend Jacki went in to labor at 6:30 am, five weeks early. She and her husband are moving to Chicago and he had left Monday to start his new job. Wednesday was his first day of work so Jacki was alone here with her daughter. My friend Cara went to the hospital to be with her while Cara's husband watched his and Jacki's daugters. I went to walk her dog and visit her at around 1 but stayed with her until the end because things were progressing so quickly. By 4pm she was fully dialated. She was so upset that her husband wouldn't be there. He was on a flight to Denver that kept being delayed. We knew he should arrive in Vail about 8pm. The doctors and nurses never thought she would make it until then, so we prepared to help her deliver the baby. Jacki was determined not to have that baby; her water never broke which ended up supporting the baby in her womb. Josh came running in at 8:04 pm and baby William "Liam" Reid was born at 8:13! It was amazing! Of course we were all crying and the nurses cheering! In addition, Liam was 6 lbs 4oz and 18.5in long! Not the size of 5 weeks premature. He did not have to be flown to Denver, which often occurs with preemies, and he only needed a some oxygen. Praise God!

It was so wonderful that my friend Cara and I could be there to support Jacki. Cara's husband did all the hard work--he took care of Jacki and Cara's daughters while picking Josh up from the airport in Denver. Alex cancelled his schedule so he could take care of Eloise. My adrenaline was rushing--I could hardly fall asleep last night.

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